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Entrepreneur | HR Consultant | Author | Trainer | HRD Auditor | Psychometric Test Expert | POSH Enabler
Certified-HRD Auditor | Organization Design | HR Analytics
Expert in Assessment Centre |Psychometric Tools |Training

Smita has worked closely with Business Owners, SME & MSME, mentoring them on their management style & business performance.

She has trained 1000+ Business Owners, her close association with them has resulted in several engagements which went beyond Business Performance and included Family Business Consulting & Advisory, Family Council & Constitution Creation, Succession Planning & Family Business Governance. Her expertise lies in engagements that enhance and balance the role of the Family in Business.

She is an entrepreneur herself and also part of a Family Business. In the last 2 decades, she has helped build organisations by providing HR Process Consulting, Executive Search, Recruitment Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Compensation Benchmarking Surveys to large corporates, Banks & MNC’s across India. She has provided career opportunities to10,000+ quality professionals across the industries like BFSI, Chemicals, Engineering, IT & other industries.

Smita is an MBA from Mumbai University, Certified HRD Auditor, Psychometric Assessor, Assessment Centre Expert and a consultant of repute. A purpose beyond self and helping others to excel is what keepsher charged up.

For Last 24 years she had been advising on, Organization Development | Performance Management | Recruitment |Training | Compensation Benchmarking

Recognized as one of the Top ten Recruitment & HR Consultant of 2021, by Women Entrepreneur magazine

Senior Director Training at BNI, Editor Rotary 2021-22



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Family Business is never easy but it is the biggest opportunity to live life to the fullest with freedom, hedge your risks with family involved, draw consensus for a difficult decision, have a sounding board, keeping loved ones close while we are experiencing the ups and downs of business.

This book is for those individuals and those families who firmly believe that being together, holding a family, will take them to greater heights.


Product designers craft the products your business and brand depend on. When the promise doesn’t match the product, customers feel deceived.

  • Family Run to Family Led | Amazon #1 Best seller

    Did you know that 80% of the most successful businesses world wide are Family Owned or Family Run businesses? Family businesses are the predominant form of enterprise around the world. Even the most conservative estimates put the proportion of all worldwide business enterprises that are owned or managed by families between 65 and 80 percent.

    June 16, 2022


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